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Solar Removal & Reinstall (R&R)

The basics

Sometimes your solar system needs to be removed for various reasons. A recent hail storm may have damaged your roof and your system needs to be removed to get a new roof installed. Whatever the reason, Happy Solar is here to help. 


Our goal: make the process as simple as possible for the homeowner. 



We can remove your solar system typically within 1 week when given the go ahead and can reinstall the system with minimal downtime. Other companies may be weeks out or even months before they can get to your project.


Our crew has been removing and reinstalling solar since 2012. Our moto: "Your roof is our roof". Our crews experience coupled with their knowledge of various solar systems on the market ensure that your project will be handled right from start to finish. We back this up with our 10 year warranty making all of our customers, Happy customers!

Customer service

The last thing that we want is to have this project add more time and effort into your already busy day to day life. We pride ourselves in keeping you informed and updated along the way and proactively work with your roofer to keep everyone on the same page during the process.

Authorized contractors for:


The process

R&R Insurance Example.png
Solar Removal Estimate
Get A free quote

We use satellite imagery to provide a fast and accurate quote based on the number of solar panels on your roof. If the satellite imagery is not available, then we send out our specialist for a free site evaluation. Our estimates are all inclusive where you won't find any hidden fees providing transparency to you and your insurance company.

Check with insurance

Insurance company processes vary widely between the different carriers. Most likely your insurance has sent an agent out to your home to document the damage. Afterwards, you should be provided with a document from your insurance that summarizes the damages item by item and their respective amount for repairs. These figures may be difficult to decipher in their provided report. Insurance companies are becoming more familiar with how much capital should be allocated for removing and reinstalling your solar, but we find these numbers to vary widely between each insurance provider. If our estimate exceeds their allocated amount, then our estimate should be sent to your insurance claims agent handling your case for their approval before we start work. If our estimate is lower than or equal to what your insurance has provided for removing and reinstalling your solar, then we can begin work!

Scheduling the removal

We can work directly with your roofer to schedule the removal of your solar system to minimize the time that your system is down compared to the time that your roofer can start their work and alleviate extra time spent for you as the homeowner. If you would like to handle your own project, then we will work directly with you to schedule the removal of your solar. We can typically remove the system within one week of notice that you are ready! 

R&R Agreement

When your insurance company has approved our estimate, it is time to sign our standard R&R agreement. This simple document explains our payment schedule and our warranty in detail to give you the peace of mind that your system will be handled properly from start to finish.

Shake on It
solar removal

Our NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals will arrive to your home and remove your system. This typically takes 4-6 hours. We document the removal along the way with pictures to make sure if we discover any issues with your system, we can bring it to your attention with great detail. The materials left on site are typically stored in your fenced-in backyard and include your solar modules and the solar racking. Solar panels are roughly 5.5' x 3.3' and we typically stack them on top of each to keep a small footprint. We try to keep the material away from the home to prevent any damage from other contractors working on your home during this process. Your solar system lives out in the elements and will be ok if it rains or snows while they are being stored. We can also store the material in your garage if you have the space and can provide garage access to our crew during the removal and reinstallation. We seal any exposed penetrations to maintain the water proofing integrity of your roof in case there is precipitation before the roofer can start.

Roof installation

Your roofer will tear off your old damaged roof and install your new roof. Once your roof is done, the roofer will have the roof final inspected. After the final inspection passes, we can reinstall the solar panels!

Switching Roofs
solar reinstallation

Our NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals come back to your home and reinstall the system! This typically takes 4-6 hours. We use brand new flashings to ensure the integrity of your new roof. Once the solar panels are back on your roof, we turn your system back on and you are back to producing power!

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