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Solar Plus Storage

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With rising energy costs and environmental threats looming over your head, it may seem like there's no relief in sight. What you need is a solution that will help you save money, keep your home safe and reduce your carbon footprint. Introducing Generac's PWRcell - a battery storage system that harnesses power from the sun to help reduce your electric bill and provide backup power during utility power outages.

PWRcell's revolutionary technology captures and stores electricity - either from solar panels, or the electrical grid. It allows you to use stored energy during peak demand times when electricity costs are high, which ultimately helps reduce your electric bill and save some money. In the case of a power outage, PWRcell is ready to supply backup power to your home.



Grid Resilience

Lost power to your home? Not a problem! The self-supply system lets you operate off of 100% solar power and lets you keep your lights on without relying on the grid. This is ideal for emergency situations that will allow you to keep your home running, while your neighbors are in the dark.

Integrated System

PWRcell offers a seamless installation and has the ability to integrate with an existing Generac generator on site.


Utility companies are changing the way that they bill customers and a solar system that is maximized for today's rate, may not benefit you the same in 10 years. By utilizing Generac's PWRcell system for solar and storage, you will be able to adapt your system to maximize your savings today or 10 years down the road, no matter how the utility changes their rates!

Web Based Monitoring

Ensure that your system is working anywhere with free web based monitoring. Generac's monitoring platform is simple to use and you can see what your battery, solar and home are doing all at the same time in one easy location!

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