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Our Commitment

We are seeing the effects of global warming with our current climate crisis. 


One of the key incentives for renewable energy is the Federal Tax Credit (ITC). The Federal Tax Credit for a solar system has been 30% for the past few years (2016 - 2019). The ITC for 2020 has dropped to 26% and was extended for another 2 years, making the next 2 years very important for solar.

We asked our company "What can we do, in addition to the Federal Tax Credit of 26% for 2021, to help accelerate the transition to clean energy?"

Our Answer: an additional...

Happy Solar is committed to doing everything possible to make it easier for homeowners to transition to clean energy. We are giving an extra 10% off to make sure that we are doing our part in the transition to clean energy.

An extra 10% off, coupled with our Happy Warranty, will make Happy Solar the most cost efficient way to go solar.



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